• 16th February - Normal Fees (£130 per full GCSE + £100 for recorded assessment for languages)
  • 7th April - Normal fees plus late penalty (£100 for GCSE or £150 extra for very late fee in Ma

The main rules are:

1. You should bring your passport copy for identification

2. You should not come late or without the necessary utencils and writing equipment

3. You should arrive on time

4. You should have paid your fees in full

5. It is your responsibility to come and collect your certificate in mid October or Mid April

6. For lost certificate we will charge £50

7. We will not reimburse fees for missed exams or clashes or cancellations


1. Revision Techniques

2. Arabic GCSE Edexcel

3. Spanish GCSE Edexcel

4. Dutch GCSE OCR

5. ME School Exam Rules & Regulations

6. Appeal and Remarking Procedures

7. Warning Rules


9. Clashes

10. Access Arrangements

11. Science Practicals GCSES

12. Science Practicals A Levels

13. Certifications  and Lost Certificates

14. Maths GCSE Past Papers